Adult Training


Adult Bootcamp Class

The focal point of this bootcamp is to help aid individuals with a fitness lifestyle. This balanced class will increase your overall fitness level from cardio to strength and everything in between. The small class environment will allow coaches to concentrate on everyone's form and technique during workouts, hence making the workout safe as possible. All fitness levels are welcomed.

Group Personal Training

The purpose of Group Personal Training is to find likeminded individuals in a sense of fitness who are looking for similar results. The workouts designed for the groups are personalized to accommodate the group's fitness goals. Groups may be formed outside and brought in together or an individual can request to be placed in a group that the coaches feel that individual fits. The max number of individuals in a session is 5.

Private Personal Training

An individual can work one on one with a coach to help them reach and maintain fitness goals. Every workout is customized for that individual. Coaches will keep individuals motivated and accountable to ensure that their client is being steered towards the goals set before the process.


Assessments are designed to keep coaches fully aware of the clients progression over time. Assessments aren't a necessity for personal/group training but is recommended. The assessment will consist of body composition measurements and fitness testing (cardiovascular capacity, flexibility, and muscular endurance).

Additional Information

  • All adults are welcomed (18+ yrs. old)
  • Group Personal Training: Sessions are pre-paid and scheduled together. If you are unable to attend a session with group the session will still be deducted.