Youth Training

Sports Performance

Speed & Agility Training

Increase your athlete's linear/lateral speed, coordination, footwork and quickness with this training option. Athlete's will attain how to control their bodies in open and close space.

Strength & Conditioning Training

Having strength and being properly conditioning is vital for any sport in today's society. This class is designed to enhance the athlete's overall performance by improving functional strength, power, core strength, explosion, and cardio. This class will also aid towards reducing athletic injuries by ensuring that the athlete is performing exercises correctly to strengthen primary, secondary, and stabilizer muscle groups.

Vertimax Training Program

Add inches to your athlete's vertical jump and allow them to become more explosive in their linear and lateral movements. Each workout built within this program will consist of exercises involving the Vertimax. Parents/Coaches/Spectators will all see an increase in your athlete’s overall performance throughout this program.

Group & Private Personal Training

Work with our coaches 1 on 1 or with a group to set and achieve goals that your athlete may have desires to reach. Workouts here are personalized for the athletes such as Ball Coordination, Speed/Agility, Specific Position Training, or any of the training options listed above.